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Does Your Business Need Assistance?

Business Sales and Purchases

If you are selling your business, using an attorney to help negotiate the transaction and identify possible problem areas can be very helpful to the transaction going smoothly.

Liability Mitigation

Many businesses have significant liability based on their operations. We can help you understand and mitigate these liabilities.

Contract Drafting

Our approach to contract drafting consists of creating simple language that is easy for all parties to understand. We attempt to use the process of creating a contract as a vehicle for defining the parties’ intent. This leads to a clearer agreement that is more likely to be performed by both parties.

Contract Review

In reviewing a contract we are meticulous in reading for both the practical and legal implications of an agreement. Any time you are entering into an important life decision that requires a contract, getting a legal opinion on the ramifications is important.

Contract Disputes

Disputes arising out of a party’s breach of the contract or their failure to perform are generally accompanied by acrimony between the parties. We look towards resolving disputes in a very practical, affordable manner.

Business Advice

We can provide businesses with legal advice and assistance. We have experience with both new and established business. Contact us to decide if working with us is the right choice for your business.

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