Cannabis Business Law


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Cannabis Business Law

Mathew Auric has years of experience as a cannabis attorney

From marijuana businesses and industrial hemp, licensing and trademark protection, to capital raises and other buisness needs; my experience uniquely qualifies me to successfully navigate the complex and rapidly emerging field of cannabis law to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients.

Licensing for California Cannabis Businesses

Whether you are looking to get licensed as a cannabis cultivator, distributor, manufacturer, dispensary, testing laboratory, or micro-business we can help you. We can help you get licenses both from your local jurisdiction and at the state level. We have extensive experience in getting companies licensed, helping with their business plans, and drafting standard operating procedures.

Structuring Cannabis Businesses

In addition to the usual considerations when structuring a business, cannabis businesses have additional considerations. These include the added liability associated with a substance that is still a schedule I drug at the federal level, the effects of IRC 280E on a cannabis business’s tax filings, and banking issues. Many of these issues can be at least partially alleviated through proper business structures.

Raising Capital for a Cannabis Business

We have successfully helped cannabis companies raise millions of dollars. Although raising capital for a cannabis company is not that different from any other company, having an intimate understanding of the particulars that go into a cannabis businesses can be very helpful to making sure any capital raise is successful. Further some of the ownership rules surrounding cannabis businesses in California put requirements on vetting potential investors in ways that don’t exist in other jurisdictions.

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