California Corporation Formation Checklist

Below is a checklist to help guide you through the process of forming a California Corporation Formation Checklist.

Click here to download a Corporation Formation Checklist that is substantially the same. Many of the items in this checklist have links to help you understand what is involved in each step.

Please feel free to contact me if you need guidance at any point along the way. Also please take a look at the video at the bottom of the page the walks through the formation process.

1. File Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State This is the first step in the process of forming a corporation. I have a special article on picking a name, as well.
2. Obtain an EIN from the IRS Like a Social Security Number for your corporation, this is your Federal Tax Identification Number.
3. Prepare corporate bylaws Bylaws are the rules by which your corporation will function, and are required for legal compliance.
4. Prepare minutes of meeting of incorporator The Incorporator needs to appoint the initial directors and resign as the incorporator.
5. Hold the initial board of directors meeting Those Directors nominated by the incorporator should hold this meeting
6. Hold the initial stockholder meeting This meeting needs to happen annually, it can be any time within a year
7. Prepare the corporate minutes The minutes of the stockholder and board of directors meetings should be prepared and entered into the corporate records.
8. Prepare and issue stock certificates Stock certificates identify the number of shares owned by each shareholders.
9. File a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State The Statement of Information should be filed 90 days after filing your Articles of Incorporation, and annually thereafter.
10, File S-Election status with the IRS If desired, designate your business as an S Corporation with the IRS.
11. Apply for a business license in your city or county The application process varies from area to area; check with your local jurisdiction.
12. Open a corporate bank account In order to do this you will likely need a certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation, and possibly a Certificate of Good Standing (which can be requested from the Secretary of State).
13. File Form 25102(F) with the Department of Corporations This records the number and type of shares issued.
14. Start payroll and set up account with EDD If you choose to hire a payroll company they will often set up everything you need for EDD.
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