What to do about an old accident

If you have been in an auto accident I recommend the following

Medical Treatment after Auto Accident

Seak medical treatment immediately. This can be at the hospital, through a primary care physician, or with any other provider that you are comfortable with. The most important thing after getting injured is healing, and medical treatment is what will help you. This is important regardless of whether or not you are trying to maximize your monetary recovery; it also does generally help with recovery.

Treatment needs to not only be when the accident happens but ongoing until you are fully recovered; my job is to make sure you can focus on your treatment and I do this by handling all the other aspects of your claim.

Find a Good Attorney for your Auto Accident

Finding an attorney is important. A good attorney is one you can trust, one that explains things to you, and one that you feel comfortable working with. I may or may not be the right attorney for you. If you would like to watch some videos about me I encourage you to do so. Further you can call me or come meet with me it is free.

Why should you find an attorney? A good attorney, simply put, will help you get better. They will let you focus on recovery while handling getting you compensated.

Keep Records

Keep good records of all you treatment. I don’t recommend discussing the case with anyone, but if you do, especially if you talk to an insurance company or receive a correspondence from one, then keep a good record.

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Mathew Auric
Mathew Auric is an attorney licensed to practice law in California.